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Isle of Man

Thanks to Lou from Isle of Man for reminding me about the greatest road race on Earth. Yep, big call there. But a road that encircles an entire island which is ridden flat out for two weeks of the year … Continue reading

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How Much Is Enough?

Driving past a Honda dealership on the weekend and thought I’d have a look at what was on offer. The recently released VFR1200 was proudly on display. Butt ugly and uncomfortable, next. A couple of Deauvilles. Really, these bikes are … Continue reading

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Yamaha FJR1300

If I had to have just one bike, then the FJR1300 would rank up there. Continue reading

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Street Cred

We all like to think about ourselves in the 1st person. It’s only natural. Crikey┬áI’m good. Geez I look hot. That bike of mine is so damn hot. You know it. We all do it. Most of us don’t really … Continue reading

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NT700V Deauville

Check out the Australian version of the Deauville atHonda. Shaft drive – check Luggage – check Adjustable screen – check Low seat height (806mm) – check Hmm could be worth a look if your in the market for a mid … Continue reading

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Rider Airbags

We’d all be familiar with airbags IN cars. But what if the drivers were made to wear the airbags? Think that’s a strange idea? What about motorcyclist airbags?

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