Autumn 2011 Day 2

Emerald to Gayndah
Wow what a big day, well for us it was. After leaving Springsure, which is such a pretty little town, the roads were so shocking; we were constantly slowing to 80-85km/h. But bizarrely there was a half hour section that the Blackbird would have eaten up at double. Once again the views coming off the edge of the tablelands were spectacular.
Coming to the edge of the Qld Tablelands

The plateaus gave way to extensive broad acre farming. Cattle trucks and more cattle trucks rumbled on relentlessly, as did their pungent aroma. No bull.
Ahh the aroma

Of all the small towns spread throughout the Shire of Banana that we stopped at, Moura was the pick for us; expensive, but clean with friendly service. Feel like reminiscing over the good ol’ days? I don’t. One horsepower, I’m so glad we’ve got one hundred of ‘em.
One Horsepower

And as we approached the western side of the Great Divide, trees and corners appeared.
Approaching the Great Divide

Ahh, the temperate forests of Australia, there is nothing like them.
Trees and corners

Reaching Gayndah we slept the night at the Colonial Motor Inn. Highly recommended.

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