Autumn 2011 Day 3

Gayndah to The Caves
Waking in the morning fog abounded. Off to the giant citrus fruit for the obligatory photo shoot.
Giant Orange

Well the roads are improving slowly. There are still potholes everywhere, just less of them and there are road signs warning of rough surface ahead. But corners, yay, corners. Shifting back to third and even second gear for some. The section from Gayndah across to Childers brought the smile back to my dial. Childers, what a pleasant little town. Clean, green, friendly and those views over to the coast. Now who could be in this part of Queensland and not go to the Bundy distillery. Well not me, even if it did add another 100km’s to the day.
Bundaberg Rum's Flood Relief

OK, so I’ve been whinging about the road conditions, but nothing prepared me for Highway A1. What a bloody disgrace. On a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the concrete canyon style and 5 being the Strzelecki Track; the Bruce Highway around Rockhampton is a 4. And just in case any one was beginning to think about the merest possibility of entertaining the thought prior to having any ideas about trying to overtake; there were cops everywhere. Marked Highway Patrol cars – should be more of them, unmarked radar cars and speed cameras hidden in grass taller than me.

The Capricorn Caves, what a beaut little camping spot, super expensive though. No phone reception and nature at its wildest.
An Australian nature experience

What’s that Skip, it’s time for a beer? Too right. The Country Pub down the road with its home cooked style meals was just the ticket after a long days ride.

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