Autumn 2011 Day 5

Airlie to Charters Towers
Up the road and we soon hit Blowen Bowen. It wasn’t that gusty stuff either. Honestly I was leaning toward the coast in order to ride straight for quite a while.

Easter Egg or Mango?

The rest of the ride reminded me that we were back in the tropics. Hot and muggy. Needles to say the leathers are damn stinky after 5 days and we can’t wait to get home.
Tropical Touring

But I’ve made some interesting discoveries:
1. With the tank bag on, full left lock sets off the horn and full right lock engages the starter,
2. The wife must have nuts in her head to sit behind me for 5 days straight,
3. After day 3 my back and neck muscles stopped aching, (but not my ass unfortunately)
4. The ST1300 is quite an accomplished bike for its size and is very comfortable even after 2985km in 5 days.
5. No matter where it is, there’s no place like home.
Home at last

OK so the cousins are clean and reunited, till the next road trip. Live the Dream

Until then – Live the Dream.

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One Response to Autumn 2011 Day 5

  1. Bill says:

    Pity the bike covered the sign at the big egg. Does it say something like “No Motorcycles anywhere near here”?

    Good pix and write-up. Good thing you don’t need full deflection on the handlebars very often with the switch contacts. However I have proven that it doesn’t hurt the starter motor to run for quite a while with the engine running. My starter switch stuck one day, and I only realised when I noticed the headlights were out (because of the interlock circuit).

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